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Area 4: Innovation management, innovation eco-systems and entrepreneurship

Assessing how sustainability managers perceive initiatives or crises in peer companies – and how that prompts them to trigger changes in their own firm.

Photo: Fabio Bracht, Unsplash.

About the research

The aim of the area is to strengthen ITM as an environment for research in innovation management, innovation eco-system and entrepreneurship. Hence all efforts within the area Innovation eco-systems, innovation management and entrepreneurship (II&E) are targeting the following objective of the ITM development plan 2018-2023: “ITM constitutes an environment for I&E [innovation and entrepreneurship] research and education which is internationally recognized and attractive for students, researchers and external stakeholders.”

These coordinators and other rsearchers are conducting research that primarily addresses sustainability-related performances of industrial firms. A key data input to the research includes emerging Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) data that firms are increasingly reporting in addition to financal data.


Activities strengthening existing and building new networks involving international and national stakeholders, as well as within ITM. Such activities include lectures, workshops, visiting scholars, etc, and are to be managed by coordinators.

Research projects


Belongs to: School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Last changed: Mar 07, 2022