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  • Impact on biodiversity often neglected in autonomous vehicle research

    Description of the explored dimensions and the three scenarios.
    Description of the explored dimensions and the three scenarios.
    Published Nov 28, 2022

    The impact on important issues such as biodiversity and cybersecurity are often neglected in autonomous vehicle research frameworks, according to a new ITRL study.

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  • Researchers at INDEK have been awarded funding for a doctoral winter school

    Published Nov 21, 2022

    Frauke Urban from INDEK and Nimali Gunasekara from Energy Technology at KTH have received funding from the Scandinavian Academy of Industrial Engineering and Management (ScAIEM) for a winter school fo...

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  • Arnold Pears nominated as President-Elect for the IEEE Education Society

    IEEE Education Society logo
    Published Nov 16, 2022

    Congratulations to Arnold Pears in the IEEE Education Society election for 2023-2024.

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  • New report out - Crisis and catalyst by Dr Ruth Graham

    Book cover of Crisis and catalyst
    Published Oct 27, 2022

    Dr Graham brings 20 years of professional experience in academic research and higher education reform, working with universities, professional bodies, industry and governments from across the world. H...

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  • Sri Lankan partners visit at EGI

    Visitors from Sri Lanka
    Published Oct 25, 2022

    During the first week of October the Sri Lankan university partners in the EUSL project were visiting KTH. The Department of Energy Technology offered the long distance guests a packed program.

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  • Environmental taxes make companies invest in research

    Portrait of Christian Thomann
    Christian Thomann, associate professor and one of the researchers behind the study.
    Published Oct 24, 2022

    Companies with emissions affected by environmental taxes invest more in research and development. This is shown in a new international study by two Indek researchers.

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  • KTH Energy Platform visits the lab where sustainable materials are being designed for the future

    Three women talking together.
    Liubov Belova and Veena Singh were two of the researchers from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering who welcomed the Energy Platform, including Director Lina Bertling Tjernberg (right). Photo: Mikael Sjöberg
    Published Oct 17, 2022

    KTH Energy Platform’s visit to the Department of Materials Science and Engineering included a well-received tour of labs and research centres. This is where new materials, methods and products are cre...

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  • Six tons of batteries in experimental student residence

    Truck with batteries
    Unloading the batteries outside KTH Live-In Lab. Photo: Einar Mattsson
    Published Oct 12, 2022

    A large group of batteries has been installed for a research project in KTH Live-In Lab, an experimental student residence where KTH, Northvolt and Einar Mattsson conduct research together. They’re te...

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  • Associate professors from INDEK with new publication in the Review of Financial Studies

    Published Oct 04, 2022
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  • Public display of Ravi's Licentiate thesis at KTH Södertälje

    Ravi's Licentiate thesis
    Ravi Kalaiarasan displaying his Licentiate thesis.
    Published Oct 02, 2022

    Ravi Kalaiarasan put hisLicentiate thesis for public display at KTH Södertälje: "Supply chain visibility in the manufacturing industry: conditions and realisation".

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  • KTH provides Valencia with sustainable energy plan

    Group photo of the participants
    Published Sep 29, 2022

    Bio waste that generates biogas for public transport was one of the suggestions from the winning team that charmed the jury when master students from EGI competed about best proposal for a sustainable...

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  • Science books for everyone everywhere at the Forskartorget

    3 people on a stage talking with a  presentation screen behind them
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    On Friday 23 September, Lars Geschwind participated in Forskartorget and talked about scientific books.

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  • A “power bank” for renewables

    Foto: Kyoto Group - Heatcube
    Published Sep 28, 2022

    Imagine a factory with a giant "power bank" charged with renewable energy when the availability is good and electricity prices low. To be discharged as heat when sun and wind are scarce and prices hig...

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  • Could public transport be an alternative to electric scooters?

    A parked electric scooter from Voi.
    Photo: Paul Volkmer/Pexels
    Published Sep 21, 2022

    ITRL launches a new project with Voi and Västtrafik to investigate how and if public transport could be a realistic alternative to e-scooters.

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  • A toolbox for the 4th Industrial Revolution

    Tree resarchers in a lab
    Emmanuel Francalanza from University of Malta, Project manager for Icarus, explains and demonstrates the Mobile Training Unit which has been developed within the Icarus project.
    Published Sep 20, 2022

    Digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) etc, provide new opportunities for the manufacturing industry. But the industry often lacks skills and knowledge whe...

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  • Open House 2022

    Lin Zhao presenting in front of a crowd.
    Lin Zhao presented the RCV and the traffic control tower.
    Published Sep 16, 2022

    On September 8th ITRL welcomed over 70 guests to our first open house since the pandemic!

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  • HEOS researchers present at the The European Higher Education Society (EAIR)

    Published Sep 13, 2022

    HEOS group members Lars Geschwind, Per Fargell, Kieve Saling and Khayala Ismayilova presented at: The European Higher Education Society (EAIR) 44th annual form hosted by Malta College of Arts, Science...

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  • Chuan Wang at Swerim becomes Adjunct Professor

    Chuan Wang joins KTH as an Adjunct Professor at the Department of Materials Science an Engineering.
    Published Sep 12, 2022

    From September 2022 Chuan Wang, research manager for recycling and the environment at Swerim, will be an Adjunct Professor in the Unit of Processes at KTH Materials Science and Engineering for three y...

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  • Loop of energy can save costs in industry

    3D printed heat exchanger
    The 3D printed heat exchanger prototype
    Published Sep 08, 2022

    KTH researchers from different disciplines join forces to create a sustainable loop from electricity to waste heat, and back to electricity. This saves operating costs for energy-intensive industries ...

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  • A new KTH Guide to scientific writing

    Two women and one man standing in KTH's library smiling into the camera.
    Susanna Zeitler Lyne, Jamie Rinder, and Jane Bottomley are the brains behind KTH's new writing guide.
    Published Sep 06, 2022

    A new guide to scientific writing in English will help KTH staff and students not only to write effective texts, but also to find their own ‘academic voice’.

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