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  • Francesco Fuso-Nerini receives teacher award

    Francesco Fuso-Nerini in front of a tree
    Published Jun 16, 2021

    He conducts extensive and pioneering sustainability-related education and research, and has started international collaborations spanning over many re...

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  • A milestone for KTH's newest campus

    KTH Södertälje
    KTH Söderjälje campus. Bild: Jonas Thorén
    Published Jun 09, 2021

    A batch of students and a doctor - the first eggs from KTH Södertälje are hatching. Now KTH's newest campus want to establish more collaborations with...

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  • First PhD defence at KTH Södertälje

    Mats Zackrisson
    Photo: Magnus Wiktorsson
    Published Jun 08, 2021

    On June 4, 2021, Mats Zackrisson defended his PhD thesis "Life cycle assessment of electric vehicle batteries and new technologies". This is the first...

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  • The staff will return to campus starting August 16th

    Department of Energy Technology
    Published Jun 03, 2021

    President Sigbritt Karlsson welcomes all staff back to campus in the autumn

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  • The pandemic gave House of Science new ideas

    Published Jun 02, 2021

    After the summer, The House of Science will re-open for school classes. But the digital activities during the pandemic have provided new lessons for t...

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  • Paper waste makes greener steel

    Woman in lab holding a lab glass
    Osmet started around the same time as Tova Jarnerud graduated from Bergs. Tova had not planned to do a doctorate, but was attracted by the Osmet project. Photo: Alexandra von Kern.
    Published Jun 02, 2021

    If the ideal sustainability project saves both the environment and money, and at the same time develops a research area, Osmet might be just that. Two...

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  • To the moon during a conference

    The participants digital avatars on the moon.
    Published May 26, 2021

    At her last conference, she arranged a visit to the moon, the Oval room in the White House and a guided tour through Copenhagen with her Nordic collea...

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  • From gardener at KTH to workshop manager

    Published May 26, 2021

    Hi, Tomas Östberg, technician and responsible for the workshop at MMK, retiring after 48 years at KTH. What have you done all this time at KTH?

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  • They found a way to optimize recycling of cars – with torrefaction

    Image with car, shredder fines, torrefaction and output.
    Illustration: Katarzyna Jagodzińska
    Published May 26, 2021

    Hi Katarzyna Jagodzińska, who recently published the article together with Stena Recycling International AB: “Can torrefaction be a suitable method of...

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  • Three new publications from HEOS

    Published May 19, 2021
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  • KTH Södertälje's first PhD thesis

    Mats Zackrisson spikar sin avhandling
    Foto: Magnus Wiktorsson
    Published May 14, 2021

    Mats Zackrisson, industrial PhD student from RISE, publicly 'nailed' his PhD thesis "Life cycle assessment of electric vehicle batteries and new techn...

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  • Two Södertälje projects on IVA’s 100 list

    Magnus wearing VR glasses and tools in his hands while another man is sitting at a computer.
    Photo: Jonas Thorén
    Published May 10, 2021

    When IVA presents its annual 100-list, two research projects from KTH Södertälje are included. This year, the theme is crisis preparedness and Magnus ...

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  • KTH Live-in Lab's presents its annual report for 2020

    Published May 07, 2021

    "2020 has once again been a very exciting year for KTH Live-In Lab as a research center", writes CEO Jonas Anund Vogel in the newly released annual re...

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  • Lärarassistenter inom Hållbar produktion

    Published May 06, 2021

    Mer aktivt lärande för hållbar utveckling är på gång under ht2021, och därför behöver vi nu förstärkning av lärarassistenter!

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  • Energy students present their work at the Legionella information day

    Jennie and Linnea
    Published Apr 30, 2021

    Jennie Lindblom and Linnea Persson, our 2020 KEX Students, have presented their work at Legionella information day hosted by Säker Vatten (an organiza...

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  • Schools supported by KTH research

    Black board with simple mathematic formulas.
    Photo: Chuk Yong from Pixabay
    Published Apr 28, 2021

    Three Stockholm municipalities have been given the chance to both contribute to and take part in research that KTH's teacher students do in their degr...

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  • Findings offer ‘recipe’ for fine tuning alloys for high-temperature use

    A piece of alloy is stress tested in Levente Vitos' lab at KTH (photo: courtesy of Levente Vitos).
    Published Apr 26, 2021

    Superalloys that withstand extremely high temperatures could soon be tuned even more finely for specific properties such as mechanical strength, as a ...

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  • PECA starts educating Swedish industry

    Woman sits in chair with phone
    Study when, and how, it suits you - that's crucial in modern pedagogy for complementary education. Photo:, Unsplash
    Published Apr 21, 2021

    Swedish industry lack updated knowledge in many technologies. Now, KTH's industrial network ICES is about to change that when launching its pilot proj...

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  • Being relevant is key to dissemination

    Illustration of Björn Palm surrounded by houses and greenery.
    Published Apr 07, 2021

    The energy field can make large contributions to a sustainable future – which is the reason why Björn Palm from Department of Energy Technology goes t...

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  • One-year old TECoSA creates new spaces for collaboration

    Published Mar 31, 2021

    The Vinnova Centre TECoSA (Center for Trustworthy Edge Computing Systems and Applications) was officially started almost exactly one year ago. Directo...

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