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  • Postoc within modeling of sociotechnical systems, with focus on road transport

    roadbrigde and skyline
    Photo: Jon Flobrant, Unsplash
    Published Jun 27, 2024

    We are looking for a postdoc focusing on analysis and modeling of the transformation of socio-technical systems, and specifically how different electrification strategies (battery-electric, fuel cells...

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  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology and KTH launch joint doctoral programme

    Published Jun 24, 2024

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology and AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna join forces to develop efficient, safe and intelligent heat pump technologies for densely populated residential are...

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  • INDEK releases a yearbook for 2023

    Published Jun 13, 2024

    The latest edition of the INDEK yearbook has been released

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  • Electrifying transport in the forestry sector

    Electric logging truck
    The TREE project brings together 20 Swedish partners to electrify transports from the forestry industry. Photo: Scania
    Published Jun 11, 2024

    The forestry industry has set an ambitious target – to electrify half of the transports by 2030. How to get there? KTH researchers will help to answer that question.

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  • Electrifying Urban Freight Transports, The Role of Financial Incentives and Other Key Factors

    Published Jun 11, 2024

    As part of the ITRL Breakfast Seminars series, Carolina Gil Ribeiro, PhD candidate at the Division of Energy Systems, ITM School, KTH presented her Ongoing PhD research on Electrifying Urban Freight T...

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  • Department of Learning in Engineering Sciences: Enhancing Higher Education 2024

    Group of people sitting in the KTH library holding on to cushions
    Published Jun 05, 2024

    Learning in Stem in collaboration with the International Relations Office, recently hosted a week-long in-depth programme aimed at equipping educators and leaders from around the world with tools to l...

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  • Viktoria Martin – new ISES President

    Viktoria Martin.Professor in Energy Technology, ISES President
    Published Jun 03, 2024

    From July 2024 Viktoria Martin will be the President of the International Solar Energy Society ISES and lead the non-profit organisation for two years. Viktoria Martin is an experienced Professor in E...

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  • Electrification needs research with a systems perspective

    group of people outdoor
    Published May 31, 2024

    At the end of May, KTH Energy Platform hosted the Swedish Electromobility Centre’s (SEC) programme council meeting at KTH. Programme council meetings are held regularly at programme partner sites and ...

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  • The Societal Impacts of Self-Driving Technology

    Erik Almlöf
    Erik Almlöf.
    Published May 31, 2024

    Erik Almlöf has spent the last five years exploring the societal impacts of introducing self-driving technology. His research sheds light on the complexities of integrating autonomous vehicles into ou...

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  • IRNOP to bring insights in sustainable project management

    KTH föreläsningssal
    The conference will be held in the main KTH building with the beautiful E1 as the main hall.
    Published May 28, 2024

    Hi Anna Jerbrant, one of the organisers of the IRNOP Conference taking place at KTH Campus 11-14 June. What kind of conference is IRNOP?

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  • Vinnova visiting department of production engineering

    Vinnova visiting team
    Vinnova team on Sustainable Industry together with department staff
    Published May 26, 2024

    Exclusive tour in the IPU labs and a sneak view of upcoming plans.

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  • She is the Female Technical Engineer of the Year

    Portrait of a young woman with flowers and a diploma in her hands.
    Nemrit Kaur, studying Energy and Environment at KTH, has been named Female Technical Engineer of the Year.
    Published May 21, 2024

    Congratulations to Nemrit Kaur, who is studying Energy and Environment at ITM and has been named Female Technical Engineer of the Year. The “Female Technical Engineer” program is a talent initiative t...

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  • A symposium uniting engineering and medicine

    Published May 20, 2024

    Hi, Andreas Archenti, you are involved in the Robotics in Biomedical Applications symposium here at campus in June. What kind of event is this?

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  • Designing for system-level and behaviour change

    Published May 12, 2024

    As part of the ITRL Breakfast Seminars series, Martin Sjöman, design researcher and lecturer at KTH presented his Doctoral Research on Designing for system-level and behaviour change.

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  • A humanized electricity grid

    Man in front of a brick building with a paper in his hand.
    Lorenz Payonga, doctoral student at KTH’s Department of Energy Technology, is involved in the PARMENIDES project.
    Published May 06, 2024

    Can you combine the requirements from the electricity grid and the needs from the consumers? Researchers at KTH will combine multiple energy storage technologies with insights from human behavior, the...

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  • New location for: "A conversation with ..." - New lecture series from INDEK

    PRofessor Terrence Brown
    Published May 01, 2024

    The KTH Entrepreneurship Lab at INDEK has started a new lecture series called “ A conversation with...“

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  • Saman wants to save the climate – with flexible energy storage

    Smiling woman in lab.
    Saman Nimali Gunasekara explores how flexible sector coupling between thermal energy and electric power can be designed for different realities.
    Published Apr 30, 2024

    50 percent of the world's final energy is used in cooling and heating. Yet little attention is paid to the technologies behind it, the role thermal energy storage plays in it, and its connection to el...

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  • Mission: Avoiding solar panel scrap crisis

    Published Apr 29, 2024

    Sweden is booming in solar panel installations. But what happens when solar panels reach the end of their lifespan? Without a clear plan for recycling, Sweden faces the daunting prospect of being buri...

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  • INDEK-researchers will lead a panel on AI and labor management at a top management conference in USA

    Published Apr 26, 2024
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  • Researcher from INDEK presents research at a top conference for innovation management

    Published Apr 25, 2024

    Postdoc Emma Rui Lu from INDEK presents research as lead author at a top innovation management conference on managerial motivation for climate target adoption

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