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  • Wanted: ventilation team for buildings post corona

    Conference room in the basement of KTH Live-in Lab.
    KTH Live-In Lab wants to find partners interested in how to ensure risk free indoor space during a challenge such as the corona virus.
    Published Feb 03, 2021

    Will ventilation systems in future buildings be designed in a different way to minimize spread of bacteria and virus? This question is raised by KTH L...

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  • Crowdfunded women better at reaching funding goals

    Woman looking at the stock in front of computer.
    Published Feb 02, 2021

    Backed up by women, female entrepreneurs at crowdfunding platforms reach their funding goals more often than men. Hadar Gafni at the Department of Ind...

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  • Successful PhD defence by Jenny Gabriela Pena Balderrama

    Published Feb 02, 2021

    On the 18th December 2020, Jenny Gabriela Pena Balderrama from the division of Energy Systems KTH-dES, successfully defended her PhD thesis on the top...

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  • Testing the transport system of the future

    RCV-E outside ITRL
    Chirag Savant, researcher and responsible for the three vehicle platforms at ITRL, controls the RCV-E platform outside the centre. Photo: Alexandra von Kern.
    Published Jan 27, 2021

    Transport is a rapidly developing area with self-driving cars and robots around the corner. It also affects everyone in society. The research centre I...

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  • FAO Water-Energy-Food Nexus Webinar series

    Published Jan 26, 2021

    This FAO series — organized in collaboration with SEI and KTH Royal Institute of Technology — introduces nexus concepts and gives examples of current ...

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  • Design students create services for online learning

    4 video images.
    The project results are presented in eight films. There are suggestions for platforms for finding study buddies or have a coffee with new people and lecture studios for teachers, to mention a couple.
    Published Jan 26, 2021

    This year the master students in the Advanced Service Design got a special assignment from their teachers. The result: eight suggestions that really w...

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  • Wave energy benefits from the mistakes of wind power

    Bouy at sea.
    Next in line to do the same journey as wind and solar power might be ocean wave energy. Photo: Cor-Power
    Published Jan 20, 2021

    Is wave energy the new star of renewables? The potential is great and a research team at KTH works towards a faster development for harvesting the pow...

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  • All about Competence Centres

    Published Jan 11, 2021

    Why do research in certain areas lead to competence centres and how do they work within the centres? Today a series of articles starts where you can l...

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  • Communication course clarifies the benefits of your research

    Graphic illustration: megaphone
    Published Dec 22, 2020

    More and more researchers understand the importance of being able to communicate their research to the surrounding society. With the course Communicat...

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  • INDEK researcher interviewed in Swedish newspaper about negative emissions

    Published Dec 14, 2020
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  • Impressive projects in mechatronic’s “Grand Finale”

    Image collage of student projects
    Published Dec 14, 2020

    As most events these days, the “The Grand Finale”, the demo session of the Mechatronic Capstone Course was given digitally. Despite that, spirit was u...

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  • The autonomous forest machines are here

    Forest machine in action.
    Self driving forest machines are both more efficient than classic machines, and reduce the amount of ground damage. Photo: eXtractor.
    Published Dec 11, 2020

    Researchers and students from KTH have been involved in the development of a new autonomous forest machine that picks up timber. They have both develo...

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  • Chang Su makes district heating more sustainable

    Published Dec 08, 2020

    Chang Su's IRIS related research about the decarbonization of the Swedish district heating sector has received funding from the Swedish Energy Agency....

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  • EGI writes energy history with the heat pump

    White house covered in snow.
    The heat pump technology would prove to be a good fit in the country of Sweden, mainly due to our cold climate. Photo: Malin on Unsplash
    Published Dec 08, 2020

    The oil crisis of the 70s marked the start of an energy transition where the heat pump would become something of a success story in Sweden. Björn Palm...

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  • Emma Nyholm Humire receives best thesis award

    Published Dec 04, 2020

    Emma Nyholm Humire has received her best thesis award - Ebbe Lyths Stipendium at Svenska Kyl och Värmepump dagen.

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  • Joakim Odqvist new Professor

    portrait Joakim Odqvist
    Published Dec 01, 2020

    KTH has appointed new Professors and among them, one belongs to Materials Science and Engineering. Our new Professor Joakim Odqvist explains why struc...

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  • Informing designs for learning when shifting to digital

    Published Nov 26, 2020

    My best advice to teachers that shift to digital during these Covid times, is to take a moment and look into 'what is known', and to continuously refl...

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  • Meet Cali Nuur – INDEK’s new reluctant boss

    Cali Nuur portrait in the top of Singsing building
    From January 1, 2021, Cali Nuur is the new Head of Department for Industrial economics and management.
    Published Nov 25, 2020

    As from January, Cali Nuur will lead the Department of Industrial economics and management (INDEK) when Matti Kaulio steps back. Despite the fact that...

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  • Alumni meet-up confirms life after graduation

    Published Nov 18, 2020

    There is a life after graduation. This was clear at the alumni meetup for the Master program Sustainable energy engineering, SEE on Friday. Alumni, fa...

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  • Climate footprint can be cut by half with co-living

    Interiör KTh Live-in Labs studentbostäder.
    Shared areas such as kitchen and dining rooms can reduce climate footprint and facilitate social gatherings. Photo of Testbed Akademiska Hus by Alexandra von Kern
    Published Nov 18, 2020

    The climate footprint per person can be reduced by more than 50 percent if the homes are designed to share common areas such as kitchens and bathrooms...

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