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Studies in Industrial Engineering and Management

The school offers nine master's programmes (120 credits) taught in English. They are open to students with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent academic qualifications. The school also offers two Master's programmes, 60 credits (one year) given in English.

The school’s educational programmes are popular and have many applicants. The programmes are constantly evolving and we work extensively with the follow-up of courses and programs. We have approximately 2,800 full-time students at the bachelor and advanced level.

School's Office for Student Affairs

The School's Office for Student Affairs works with matters relating to the school’s education and our students, both within undergraduate and doctoral studies. If you need study councelling, have questions about studying abroad or have opinions on how to develop our courses, this is the place.

Student desk offices

At the Student desk offices you can get help with key-cards, keys, re-evaluations of results, study certificates, course registration and more.

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Last changed: Dec 20, 2023