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We shape the future

One precondition for innovation and enterprise is the study and application of basic physical and chemical phenomena as well as the integration of new, often multidisciplinary technologies, methods and tools.

Our activities cover the engineering, technological and economic knowledge necessary to be able to develop new products, material and production processes in a sustainable fashion as concerns technical management, financial profitability and the environment. The school has a strong faculty with about 50 professors.

Presentation about the ITM School (English) (pdf 4.0 MB)


At the school's departments, research is carried out in a number of different areas. The focus is on industrial design and innovation, product and production development, sustainable energy technology, energy system analysis, climate system and policy studies, materials development, micro and nano technology, industrial economics, organisation and management as well as learning.

Departments at the ITM School
Research areas at the ITM School

Competence centres

Research at the Competence Centres addresses newer subject areas. These efforts are often conducted in joint projects with business life and various societal bodies. The majority of our Centres maintain close connections with industry. Some of them also act as liaison offices between KTH and other universities.

Competence centers at the ITM School


The school offers eight master's programmes (120 credits) taught in English. Two of them are Erasmus Mundus Programmes. They are open to students with a Bachelor's degree or equivalent academic qualifications. The school also offers two Master's programmes, 60 credits (one year) given in English.

Studies at the ITM School


At the moment the school has activities at KTH Campus  and KTH Södertälje . Though, KTH has decided to relocate the educational programmes and teaching staff at the Södertälje campus to the KTH campus and KTH Flemingsberg. The relocation will be gradual and will begin in the spring semester of 2025 for parts of the operations. From 2027, KTH will conduct its remaining activities and collaboration with strategic partners such as Scania and Astra-Zeneca in new forms.

Campus of the ITM School