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Campuses of the ITM School

KTH Campus on Valhallavägen, Stockholm, is like a small town in the middle of a big city. Centrally located in an area as big as Gamla stan, the campus has a history which dates back to the early 20th century. At campus KTH Södertälje, part of the department of Production Engineering has its base.

KTH Campus

KTH campus from above
Photo: Jann Lipka

A number of central functions can be found here which are common for all campuses: The student clinic, a new large library, the Info-Center, a sports centre, a housing agency, the President’s administration and much more. There are also cafés and restaurants as well as the student union building Nymble where the student’s union arranges different types of activities.

Thanks to a major exchange with foreign universities, the environment at KTH Campus is noticeably international. Each year, 1,000 exchange students arrive here and approximately the same amount come to study on KTH’s Master’s programmes.

Within the area, there are also other university colleges such as Danshögskolan (the College of Dance), Försvarshögskolan (the Military Academy), Operahögskolan (University College of Opera) and Röda Korsets högskola (The Red Cross University), which contribute to making the campus even more dynamic and alive!

KTH Södertälje

Modern campus building with students in the foreground.
KTH Campus in Södertälje. Photo: Jonas Thorén

Södertälje is an industrial stronghold in Sweden with a long history of outstanding companies. At KTH Södertälje there are world-leading product development and production.

Belongs to: School of Industrial Engineering and Management
Last changed: Dec 22, 2022