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Presentation Skills

The lecture is aimed at KTH staff who in some way engage in oral communication. We take a look at how you can plan and execute different kinds of oral presentations in various situations, cope with nerves, and deliver your message in an interesting and engaging manner. You will get a number of useful points, examples and advice that you can apply in your own work environment.

Tid: Fr 2020-05-15 kl 13.00 - 16.00

Plats: Zoom

Medverkande: Linda Söderlindh

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Content of the workshop

The aim is to inspire the participants to develop their own personal presentation style through simple and concrete examples and advice that are easy to put into practice. The lecture will touch on subject such as:

  • How you create credibility for yourself and your topic.

  • How you can adapt your message in different situations and with various audiences.

  • Valuable insights regarding preparations so that you can give yourself the best conditions to be successful in your communication.

  • How you can use Powerpoint and other visual aids to make your presentation more efficient and engaging for the audience.

  • Strategies to cope with speech anxiety

  • Useful examples for using verbal and non-verbal communication to deliver an interesting and memorable presentation.

The lecture is combined with group discussions and examples that involve the audience.

Date and place

Spring semester 2020: May 15th, 13:00-16:00 hours. Place: To be announced.

Workshop leader

Linda Söderlindh, Lecturer in Engineering Communication and Rhetoric at KTH, Language and communication. She is also a PhD student in rhetoric at Örebro University and has more than 17 years of experience teaching rhetoric at different academic levels as well as outside the university.

Application conditions for workshops

The fee depends on the number of participants: at 6-9 participants the fee is 3000 kr., With 10 participants or more the fee is 2000 kr.

Pre-registration is required for admission. The application is binding after the last registration date but may be transferred to a colleague in case of prevention. Any obstacles should be notified to sprakkurser@kth.se. Your application must be granted by your boss before registering via the web form below: