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2023 Mechatronics HK Grand Finale!

Come and see what our Teams have been up to since March. All welcome!

All are most welcome to come and see the prototypes from this year's Mechatronics Advanced course!

Time: Mon 2023-12-11 13.00 - 17.00

Location: M3 and LabHallen, Brinellvägen 83, KTH Campus, Stockholm

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Language: English

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Team RobLOX presents… Project Pinnacle!

For decades, twistlocks have stood as the bedrock of international shipping, securing shipping containers during their turbulent voyages across the seas. However, the manual endeavor of this risky task, known as the pinning and depinning of twistlocks, remains a widespread practice in harbors worldwide.

Enter Project Pinnacle—an initiative aimed at automating the dangerous process of pinning and depinning. This endeavor not only promises to elevate the efficiency of the global shipping industry but also prioritizes the safety of maritime workers by eliminating the inherent dangers associated with manual twistlock handling.

At the core of Project Pinnacle's innovation are heavy-duty actuators, advanced sensors, and a state-of-the-art PLC control system. This prototype designed to handle a single corner of a shipping container proudly stands as the world's first fully electric machine designed at an impressive 1:1 scale. The machine is equipped with robust exception handling mechanisms, ensuring seamless operation even in the dynamic and unpredictable conditions of a bustling shipping harbor.

Don't miss the opportunity to witness this machine in action. Join us on 11/12 at 14:00 at Brinellvägen 83 and be part of the unveiling of Project Pinnacle—a transformative leap towards a safer and more efficient future for the global shipping industry.

Discover Modern Milking with The Udder Project!

DeLaval is a leading manufacturer of dairy equipment. The Voluntary Milking System (VMS) is a fully automatic milking robot that allows cows to be milked voluntarily, increasing the yield.

The Udder Project has developed a prototype bringing innovation to the end-effector of the VMS' robotic arm, incorporating a pneumatically actuated air-motor and permanent magnet.

Experience how modern milking works and see our prototype in action at the HK Grand Finale!

The Dry Surfers present the World's First e-Foil Simulator

Electric hydrofoilsurfing (a.k.a. eFoiling) is an activity as niche as it is difficult.

In an effort to make eFoiling more accessible and easy to learn, the Mechatronics HK group Dry Surfers have built the world’s first mechanically actuated, VR enabled eFoiling simulator.

The project uses technology similar to flight- and driving simulators (6 DOF motion actuation, motion cueing) and has under the guidance of prof. Jakob Kuttenkeuler (the inventor of the eFoil technology) created a realistic surfing experience.

After the project presentation, the simulator will be under open demo for everyone who wants to try the surfing experience or discuss the project.

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