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Masters thesis and batchelor thesis projects

I apologize, but this page is out of date. Please get in touch if you are intersted in doing a thesis under my supervision. 

Masters thesis projects

Below follows two specific descriptions of Masters thesis projects. These are not the only possibilities. If you find multiphase flow with drops, particles or flexible objects in the fluid interesting, and specifically the numerical methods needed to deal with these problems, then get in touch! Also, if you are interested in fast algorithms, maybe learning more about the Non-Uniform FFT or the Fast Multipole Method, please get in touch as well!

In the project Electrostatic claculations on GPUs, my PhD student Davoud Saffar al Shamshirgar will be actively involved in the supervision, since I am not a GPU expert myself.

There is also a very interesting project with Astra Zeneca, on "Simulating ion channel inhibition in drug discovery". This project will be a collaboration also with Ozan Öktem. A description can be found here:  MasterProposalAstraKTH.pdf.

Batchelor thesis projects

Two projects were suggested this year. The second project, "Suspensions with small spherical particles" is currently under way with student Samuel Zackrisson.

Numerical quadrature for singular integrals

Integrals with singular integrands occur for example when solving integral equations. In this project we will consider the numerical evaluation of integrals where the integrand is singular at some point within the integration interval, but where the integral is well defined. This requires special numerical quadrature schemes, and we will investigate some strategies to design such schemes.


Detaljerad projektbeskrivning (PDF)



Suspensions with small spherical particles

Water or air are so called Newtonian fluids, while syrup and honey are non-Newtonian, with a more complex behavior. An important class of non-Newtonian fluids is suspensions of solid particles, such as spheres and fibres, in Newtonian fluids. For example, a mix of water and fibers is the starting point for paper production. Small spheres are often suspended in a fluid in order to transport, for example, pharmaceutical powders around processing plants. While the motion of single particles in Newtonian fluids is well understood, suspensions of large numbers of particles that interact through the fluid remain challenging, both analytically and numerically. The purpose of this project is to simulate many suspended particles in a viscous fluid using a spectral method.


Detaljerad projektbeskrivning (PDF)



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