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PhD students and postdocs - and new openings

Opening for a PhD position: 

I have an open PhD position with application deadline March 18, 2024. The ad can be found here (English):

And here (Swedish):


The research project will be focused on development of numerical methods primarily for applications within micro-fluidics (fluid dynamics at the micro scale). The algorithms will to a large extent be based on boundary integral equations, and the project will span over theory, algorithms, software and applications. A specific challenge that will be adressed in the project is how the numerical methods can be further developed for solution of non-elliptic partial differential equations in time dependent domains (e.g in the interior of a viscous deformable drop).

This work will build on previous work, specifically the two papers listed below are highly relevant. It is not expected that you can actually understand them to apply for the position - you will learn! 

F. Fryklund, S. Pålsson and A.-K. Tornberg.
An integral equation method for the advection-diffusion equation on time-dependent domains in the plane. J Comput Phys, 2023:111856. Open access

F. Fryklund and E. Lehto and A.-K. Tornberg.
Partition of unity extension on complex domains.
J. Comput. Phys., 375:57-79, 2018. Also available on

Current reasearch group

I am currently supervising the following PhD students

and the following postdocs:

My former PhD students:

Joar Bagge, PhD, KTH, June 2023.
Fredrik Fryklund, PhD, KTH 2021.
Sara Pålsson, PhD, KTH 2019.
Davoud Saffar Shamshirgar, PhD, KTH 2018.
Ludvig af Klinteberg, PhD, KTH 2016.
Oana Marin , PhD, KTH 2012.
Dag Lindbo , PhD, KTH 2011.
Shilpa Khatri , PhD, NYU 2009.

My former postdocs:

Lukas Bystricky, KTH, 2018-2020.
Chiara Sorgentone, KTH, 2015 - 2017.
Shriram Srinivasan, KTH, AY 2016/17.
Rikard Ojala, KTH. 2012-2014.
Stefan Engblom, KTH, 2009-2010.
Alex Kanevsky, NYU.




Picture from Research Day at Vätö, July 4-5, 2017. Upper row: Shriram Srinivasan, Chiara Sorgentone, Ludvig af Klinteberg, Anna-Karin Tornberg, Erik Lehto, Joar Bagge. Lower row: Davoud Saffar Shamshirgar, Sara Pålsson, Fredrik Fryklund, Federico Izzo.



Profile picture of Anna-Karin Tornberg