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Ali Najarnezhadmashhadi

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About me

I am deeply passionate about scientific research projects that drive sustainability and provide substantial environmental, economic, and societal advantages. My project is focused on bioenergy with carbon capture, use and storage (BECCS) and negative emissions. It is an important milestone towards a climate-neutral society.

Currently affiliated with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), I'm collaborating with GDeV (Grimaldi Development AB) company to construct a pilot-scale carbon capture unit.

In this collaborative initiative between academia and industry, I contribute to the design, navigate various chemical engineering challenges, and assist in building the pilot scale. Leveraging my modeling skills, I utilize the Aspen Plus software to aid in optimizing our designs and processes. The majority of my time is dedicated to my role as a Research and Development engineer at GDeV, where I blend academic knowledge with practical industry application.