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Entrepreneurship, innovation and economic dynamics

Work in progress

Lougui, AM, and Broström, A. "The Labor Market Value of Experience from Temporary Self-employment". CESIS Working Paper Series No 484

Recent publications

Riandita, A., Broström, A., Cagliano, R. and A. Feldmann (2022) "Legitimation work in environmental entrepreneurship: Sustainability start-ups’ journey towards the establishment of major partnerships". International Small Business Journal 40(7), 904-929.

Broström, A., Muhammadi, A., and E. Saiedi (2022)."Distrust in financial institutions and fintech adoption". Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 46(5), 1170-1197.

Lougui, M. and A. Broström (2021). “New firm formation in the wake of mergers and acquisitions: Are employees pushed or pulled into entrepreneurship?” Journal of Evolutionary Economics 31(1), 65-89.

Saiedi, E., Broström, A. and F. Ruiz (2021), ”Global Drivers of Cryptocurrency Infrastructure Adoption”. Small Business Economics 57, 353-406.

Broström, A. and E. Giertz (2021), ”Service development accounts for an even smaller share of European R&D investments than we may think”.  Journal of Technology Transfer 46(4), 1256-1267.

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