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Studies of science and higher education institutions

Work in progress

Packendorff, J., Lindgren, M., Ekman, M., Broström, A., Gescwhind, L. Fragmented meritocratization: Mobilizing and de-mobilizing gender equality in a tenure track system.

Recent publications

Geschwind, L., Broström, A. (2022) "To be or not to be a technical university: organisational categories as reference points in higher education". Higher Education 84, 121-139.

Broström, A., Bünstorf, G. and M. McKelvey (2021) “The Knowledge Economy, Innovation and the New Challenges to Universities.” Innovation: Organisation and Management 23(2), 145-162.

Schneijderberg, C., Broström, A., Carvalho, T., Geschwind, L., Marquina, M. Müller, L. and N. Reznik (2021) “Academics’ Societal Engagement in the Humanities and Social Sciences: A Generational Perspective from Argentina, Germany, Portugal, and Sweden”. Higher Education Policy 34(1), 42-65.

Geschwind, L., Broström, A., Larsen K. (2020) Technical Universities: Past, Present and Future. Springer.

Zhao, Z., Broström, A. and J. Cai (2020), ”Promoting academic engagement: university context and individual characteristics”. Journal of Technology Transfer 45(1), 304-337.

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