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Anders Lundström

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About me

Dear visitor, 

Welcome to my page here at KTH, I hope you will find my work interesting and don't hesitate to contact me for master thesises, collaborations, or simply because you are curious. 

I'm a curious person with combination of strong technical engineering background and design. That means that I have a design compass and think design. It also means that I build stuff, I code, and design electronics.  In fact, I love electronics and building so much that it is also my hobbie in the form of building synthesisers and interactive art. You will not be surprised to find me in our gorgeous lab Middla

I have been at KTH since 2010 and defended my thesis Designing Energy-Sensitive Interactions in 2016. Since then my work has expanded in new interesting directions and I'm more excited about my ongoing work then ever before. 

Current Research Areas

  1. Human-Powered Interactions
  2. VR in Healthcare
  3. Range displays in Electric Vehicles

Please browse my portfolio pages for more info about these projects. 

For open master thesis proposals look here

At the centre of my doctoral thesis: