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Claudia Andruetto

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Doctoral student, PHD STUDENT




About me

I aim at becoming a change agent towards a more sustainable world, especially in the urban environment. My roots lie in the Alps: since I was a kid, through the passion of mountains and sports, my family taught me a culture of respect. I think an engineer should also aim at spreading this culture. I see sustainability as being in equilibrium with the environment: I want my work as a PhD student at ITRL to help bring this equilibrium back.
In June 2020 I started my PhD position on the topic "System effect and design of sustainable systems" in the project HITS2024.  During my first year at ITRL as a research engineer, I worked with system dynamics thinking and gained knowledge on how to model system-level effects on the freight transport fleet. Now, I focus on urban logistics systems.

HITS2024 project aims to establish new logistics concepts for sustainable and effective solutions with high interoperability: my role is to simulate the effects on a system level of different interventions (i.e. new business models, services, technologies but also policies and incentives) on the urban freight transport system. High-level research questions that I will explore include:How can a sustainable urban freight transport system be defined? How can an urban freight transport system be modelled? What interventions would lead to a sustainable urban freight transport system?
I am also teaching system thinking and system dynamics, and look forward to expand the use of these paradigms and methods in the urban logistic and transport sectors!


Smart Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) - understanding and acting in a sociotechnical shift (MF2140), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Systems Engineering (MF2011), teacher, assistant | Course web