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Anna Pernestål

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Drottning Kristinas väg 40

About me

Anna Pernestål is a docent in engineering design with a focus on sustainable systems design. She is a senior researcher at the Department for Machine Design and at the Integrated Transport Research Lab (ITRL). She is also the former director of ITRL.

Pernestål's research interests are the analysis and design of complex sociotechnical systems to support sustainable development and transition. In particular, she has studied the transport system. In her research, she takes an integrated, or system thinking approach, and studies the complex relationships between technology, behavior, businesses, and policies in the transition to a sustainable society and transport system. She is interested in system dynamics and other modeling methods, data and information analysis, decision-making, and probability theory.

A selection of ongoing projects:

  • TREE - Transition to Efficient Electrified Forestry Transport. Funded by FFI Vinnova
  • Impacts of Automation, Electrification, and Digitalization on the transport system (Impact_AED). Funded by Trafikverket
  • System effects of Self-driving vehicles - A project to investigate high-level system effects of self-driving vehicles. Funded by Trafikverket.

Selection of previous projects:​​​

  • Sustainable Mobility Services Södertälje - A project to implement and assess Mobility Services in a corporate context. Funded by Drive Sweden and Vinnova.
  • KOMPIS -  Realization of combined mobility as a service in Sweden, on behalf of the Swedish governmental innovation integration program (Samverkansprogrammet).
  • Off-peak city logistics - a research project assessing the effects of off-peak hour deliveries based on a case study in Stockholm.

Anna is teaching the Ph.D. Course System Thinking and Modelling of Complex Systems (FMF3035), which is given biannually; and the Sustainable Transport Systems (ML111U).


Sustainable Transport Systems (ML111U), teacher | Course web