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DigiCityClimate project


DigiCityClimate is an ICLEI Action Fund 2.0 project (

The DigiCityClimate project aims at building a digital platform for citizens, the city of Stockholm and researchers to interact and access data to drive climate actions and fulfil the city of Stockholm’s climate plan. 

Stockholm (Sweden) is one of seven projects that receive 1 million euros to implement data-driven actions on energy poverty alleviation, energy-efficient buildings, renewable energy development, air quality management, and climate adaptation and resilience. The projects started in the spring of 2023 and will run for two years.


The DigiCityClimate platform will: 

•       provide an AI-driven energy advisor resource to support citizens to take climate action by smart energy investments. 

•       provide the city with climate models and data to support city planning for a sustainable microclimate. 

•       gather local energy infrastructure data from meters and sensors to provide citizens with a digital control room such that they can steer energy consumption locally and reduce their environmental footprint.

Project participants:


Reference groups from the City of Stockholm, ElectriCity and KTH

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WP1 Chatbot

WP2 Urban Heat

WP3 Control rooms

WP4 Project Management

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