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Maria Ärlemo

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After some years of professional practice I returned to academia to further my interest in an expanded perspective on and practice within the field of architecture. My research interests concerns the potential for architectural practices to contribute to social change. More specifically am I interested in issues of ethics, accountability and agency within architectural practice.

My PhD research explores contemporary discourse on 'urban justice' through a focus on the ongoing renovation of large scale postwar housing areas in Sweden, built in the 1960s and 70s as part of the Million Homes Programme. These housing areas were an integral part in the construction of the Swedish welfare state. Over the years though many of them have become sites where injustices within the Swedish society manifest. The overall aim of the PhD research project is to gain insight into how, potentially, architectural practices can contribute to greater justice, in terms of distribution, representation and recognition.


Contemporary Urban Theory, Advanced Course (AG2134), teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Urban Planning and Design, Second Cycle (AD2EXU), examiner, teacher | Course web

Degree Project in Urban and Regional Planning, Second Cycle (AG212X), teacher, assistant | Course web

Sustainable Planning and Design (AG2150), teacher | Course web

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design Studio 1.1- Textures (AD2867), examiner | Course web

Sustainable Urban Planning and Design Studio 1.2- Situations (AD2862), examiner, course responsible, teacher | Course web

Theory of Science and Research Methodology for Planning and Design (AG2126), teacher, assistant | Course web

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