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Lukas Bähner

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Teknikringen 31

About me

I am a doctoral student at the Division of Electromagnetic Engineering and Fusion Science (EMF) under supervision of Associate Professor Thomas Jonsson. My research topic is ion cyclotron resonance heating (ICRH) in tokamaks. In particular, I work with theoretical models and computer simulations of ICRH. My main project is currently a Fokker-Planck code that predicts velocity distributions of particles under ICRH radiation.

Apart from research, I am involved in teaching electromagnetic theory and supervision of Bachelor's and Master's thesis projects.

I studied Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (B.Sc.) at RWTH Aachen and Electromagnetics, Fusion and Space Engineering (M.Sc.) at KTH Stockholm before becoming a doctoral student in fusion research.


Electromagnetic Theory E (EI1220), assistant | Course web

Electromagnetic Theory, Smaller Course (EI1228), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Lukas Bähner