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PhDs (main supervisor)

1.     Torbjörn Bäck (December 2002). Thesis title: ”Spectroscopy of Neutron Deficient Nuclei in the A~90 and A~170 Mass Regions”

2.     Karin Lagergren (October 2003). Thesis title: ”Experimental Nuclear Structure Studies at the Limits of Angular Momentum, Deformation and Neutron Deficiency”

3.     Larissa Milechina (September 2004). Thesis title: ”Development of Gamma-Ray Trecking Algorithms and Pulse Shape Analysis Methods for Highly Segmented Germanium Detectors”

4.     Baharak Hadinia (January 2008). Thesis title: ”In-beam Study of Extremely Neutron Deficient Isotopes Using the Recoil-Decay Tagging Technique”

5.     Karin Andgren (April 2008). Thesis title: ”Studies of collective phenomena in neutron deficient nuclei”

6.     Mikael Sandzelius (May 2009). Thesis title: ”In-Beam Spectroscopy of Extremely Neutron Deficient Nuclei 110Xe 163Ta 169Ir and 172Hg”

7.     Anton Khaplanov (February 2010). Thesis title: ”Position-Sensitive Germanium Detectors for Gamma-Ray Tracking, Imaging and Polarimetry”

8.     Farnaz Ghazi Moradi (February 2014). Thesis title: ”Experimental Nuclear Structure Studies in the Vicinity of the N = Z Nucleus 100Sn and in the Extremely Neutron Deficient 162Ta Nucleus”

9.     Hongjie Li (August 2015). Thesis title: ”Collective Excitations in Transitional Nuclei Studied by Means of  Gamma-ray Spectroscopy and Lifetime Measurements”

10.  Ayşegül Ertoprak (April 2020).  Thesis title: “Experimental Studies of the Neutron Deficient Atomic Nuclei 94Ru, 95Rh and 172Pt via their Electromagnetic Properties”

11.  Özge Aktas (June 2021) (co-supervisor). Thesis title: “Gamma-ray Spectroscopy of Neutron-rich 111Mo, 85,87Ge and Self-Conjugate 88Ru Far From Stability”

12.  Xiaoyu Liu (June 2021). Thesis title: “Experimental Studies of the Neutron Deficient Atomic Nuclei 88Ru and 87Tc, and the Diagonalization of the General Pairing Hamiltonian”

13.  Wei Zhang (April 2022). Thesis title: “Experimental Studies of Neutron Deficient Nuclei in the A»110 and A»170 Mass Regions”