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Carl-Gustaf Jansson

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About me

Prof. Dr. Carl Gustaf Jansson

Professor Emeritus in Artificial Intelligence, KTH.

Senior academic advisor for the KTH Internationalization in the Prioritized regions of India and Latin America.  KTH representative in several projects with mixed European and  Indian partners ( IISc, IIT Madras, Amrita U., Symbiosis International U., Mysore U. and Asian Institute of Design). In particular contributions to the KTH - IIT Madras strategic partnership. Responsible for the development and lecturing of an IITM NPTEL course in Machine Learning running 2019 and 2020. Advisor to startups and investors on AI related ventures.

PhD in Knowledge Representation/Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 1986. Having held a position in Artificial Intelligence at KTH since 1987, he has lead research and examined more than 30 PhD students in Artificial Intelligence in Machine Learning, Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning as well as Intelligent Interfaces. 10 PhDs have eventually become tenured Professors. Chairman of the Swedish AI Society (SAIS), 1990-2000. Honorary President of SAIS.  Local organization chair for the International Joint Conference in AI (IJCAI99) in 1999. Cofounder and Director for the center for Cognitive Engineering (KTH and SU) 1990-1995. Responsible for the development of the new KTH five year MSc Program in Information Technology (1999) and its Program Chairman (1999-2005). Vice Dean for the KTH ICT School and Chairman for its Graduate Study and Recruitment Committees 2005-2014. Designer of and Director for the EIT Digital Pan European Master School:2011-2016. Director (research coordinator) for the KTH ICT Research Platform: 2009 – 2018. Head of the KTH EECS Communication Department 2018.

Profile picture of Carl-Gustaf Jansson