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Chunyan Ma

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About me

Chunyan Ma is a postdoctor in the division of resource recovery at the Chemical Engineering Department. Currently, she is working on the project ‘Green Recycling of Battery Materials by Deep Eutectic Solvents’. The project focuses on environmentally friendly recycling of battery materials using green solvents, i.e., deep eutectic solvents (DESs). The research is focused on theselective precipitationof metal salts with specific properties from these liquids.

Chunyan Ma got her PhD degree at Lulea University of Technology in May 2021. Her thesis was about hybrid solvents based on ionic liquids/deep eutectic solvents for CO2 separation. Her research experience involved studying physicochemical properties and thermodynamic modelling of ionic liquid-/deep eutectic solvent-based systems, as well as process simulation and evaluation of new solvent-based absorption technology. Her research interest is sustainable process development based on green solvents (ionic liquids/deep eutectic solvents).


Chemical Engineering Systems (KE1185), assistant | Course web