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Claes Beckman

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Claes Beckman is a part time senior researcher in the Radio Systems lab. He was the founding director of the research center Wireless@kth in 2001, appointed Professor in microwave engineering at HIG in 2004, and Professor in antenna systems at KTH in 2013.

He has more than 40 years of experience from academia, government and industry, where his work has resulted in numerous products, patents, standards, regulations and scientific papers.

Since 2018 he is a part time senior researcher in the Radio Systems lab, while serving as a technical expert for Icomera AB and a technical consultant to Proant AB. Previously he has been a microwave design engineer for Ericsson, research manager for Allgon Systems, and board member of the publicly listed companies Allgon AB (Public), InCoax AB (Public) and Medfield Diagnostics AB (Public). AT KTH he has been instrumental in the creation of the start-ups Skysense AB and H&E Solutions AB (EVAM).

He has also served on international regulatory and standards committees (ETSI and 3GPP) as well as a consultant to the Swedish National Regulator for Post- and Telecommunications (PTS), the Swedish Competition Authority, Swedavia, Teracom and the Swedish Armed Forces.

He is the adviser of close to 100 M.Sc. students, 7 licentiate and 3 PhD thesis and has published 100+ journal articles and conference reports. He was KTH’s Principal Investigator in the EU (FP7) project on 5G, METIS and has led multiple Vinnova, KK-foundation and SSF projects. In total he has raised more than $30M for various research projects related to wireless networks, radars, antennas and propagation


Ericsson Radio School (IK254U), course responsible | Course web

Ericsson Radio School - analog to digital conversion (IK255U), course responsible | Course web

Wireless Networks (IK2510), teacher | Course web

Wireless Systems (IK1330), teacher | Course web

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