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Claudia Fredolini

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Head of Unit, Researcher


Tomtebodavägen 23 A

About me

Claudia Fredolini has worked in the field of proteomics since 2008. She received her M.Sc. in biotechnology in 2007 from the University of Turin (Italy) and Ph.D. degree in molecular medicine in 2012. During her studies, she worked within the Italy-USA oncoproteomics program at the center for applied proteomics and molecular medicine (CAPMM, USA). She moved in Sweden in 2013 where she worked at KTH and Uppsala University. Since 2019 she is the head of the Affinity Proteomics unit in Stockholm. She is co-director and coordinator officer of the Clinical Proteomics and Immunology platform at SciLifeLab and affiliated faculty at the CAPMM, George Mason University in Virginia (USA). Her research interest focuses on developing new methods for protein quantification , biomarkers discovery and validationin human body fluids.