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Charlotte Stadler

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Head of Unit, Researcher


Tomtebodavägen 23A, Solna

About me

I started my research as a Ph.D student within the Human Protein Atlas program in 2008, focusing on developing protocols and methods suitable for proteome wide high-throughput studies.

I am now Head of the National Spatial Proteomics Facility located at Science for Life Laboratories, where our focus lies in antibody based imaging. Our close link to the Human Protein Atlas puts us in a unique position as we have access to a proteome wide antibody library that allows for detection of most human protein targets in many applications. We also offer highly multiplexed imaging of tissue sections using the CODEX technology, allowing for imaging of up to 40 proteins with single cell resolution within the very same tissue section. If you are interested in our services, follow the link below:

Profile picture of Charlotte Stadler