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Mona Wennberg Hasselskog

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About me


I am a graduate of MSc in Engineering and Computer Science with a degree in Computer Science at the Royal Institute of Technology (2013-2017). As a Master of Science expertise choice, I have chosen to immerse myself in computer analysis and machine learning. I'm also a graduate degree in economics with a degree in finance (the graduation year 2015).

In parallel with my studies, I have worked extraordinarily to teach programming at KTH to prospective civil engineers. (Below you can see which courses I hold lessons in). I love to inspire and learn to programme. It's my second passion. My first passion is evident to the program. :)

As a person, I am responsible, curious and competitive. I have been training martial arts for more than 11 years, including Thaiboxning. I was involved in the Royal Data Division, among other things, I have been the Chairman of the Board 2014. For four years I have been active in the section as a yearly representative of the MSc in Engineering Engineering (2013-2017). I love to learn new, inspire and be inspired. I find it fun and fun to network and meet new people.

Read more about Computer Science education and me Engineering program here: If you would like to know more about me, you will find my CV on my LinkedIn profile (see link on the right).

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today."