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David Nilsson

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About me

I am an engineer and historian fascinated by how knowledge, ideas and technology connects with innovation and change.  Since March 2022 I am the Deputy Head at the School of Architecture and Built Environment. In this role I am responsible for how we work with Societal Impact, Collaboration and Communication.

Personally, water and urban environment has been at the centre of my work since the mid-90's which also has been a key focus of my research at KTH. In February 2017 I was appointed the Director of WaterCentre@KTH, a collaborative platform at KTH together with partners in industry, public authorities and other research institutions. During the COVID-19 pandemic I coordinated our work on virus tracing in sewage water, which got much attention in media and academy.

My ongoing research relates to the digitalisation of water and sanitation services and how built urban environment and infrastructure forms human relationship to nature. During 2024 I am starting up a new Formas-funded project on climate adaptation of Swedish water utilities and what role our imagination can play for preparedness and adaptation.

Previously I have worked for the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), with postings in Kenya and Zimbabwe. I also have experience from the private sector, working at large consulting companies as well as an independent advisor and facilitator in sustainable development.

I constantly challenge myself to try new things. Moreover, I love to navigate the borderland between different professional communities and geographies.This is not just because its fun. I am convinced that’s where truly new and profoundly meaningful knowledge is made.