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Kenneth Duvefelt

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About me

Kenneth always had great interest in all kinds of science but when applying for further studies he wanted to work in a field where he could actually see, hold and touch what he was working on. The industrial design engineering track under design and product realization on Machine Design at KTH became the obvious choice. After his studies he continued on the same path as a PhD student investigating tactility and how different surfaces are perceived. Finally defended his thesis on May 27th 2016 and then continued as a researcher and teacher. After a couple of years testing working in the industry as a development engineer at Novator AB he returned to teaching at KTH in 2020.

Tactility – perception to the sense of touch, is something that we use all the time. Often unawarely like when we pick up things, press buttons or slide our fingers on a touchscreen. But sometimes highly aware, like when we inspect how smooth a polished surface is or when we touch and feel the fabric of a new garnment. This research helps to understand what is happening between the fingertip and a surface when we touch and feel something. For example, contact area, friction and adhesion are parameters that have big influence on how a surface is experienced. This understanding can then be used to design surfaces so they have the desired feel or function.

Curriculum Vitae

  • Lecturer at department of Sustainable Produvtion Development, 2020-present.
  • Development engineer at Novator AB, 2018-2020.
  • Teaching at Machine Design, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, 2016-2018.
  • Doctoral degree in Machine Design, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, 2016.
  • Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Royal Institute of Technology KTH, 2010.


  • Is more practical then theoretical.
  • Have fully restored a car from heap of junk to an absolute gemstone.
  • Likes running in the forest, especially if its wet, muddy and includes obstacles.
Profile picture of Kenneth Duvefelt