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Eunyoung Choi

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About me

Eunyoung Choi, PhD Candidate, MSc in Urban Planning and Design

PhD Project : Walkability as an Urban Design Problem

The planning and design of the walkable environment is receiving more and more attention for its various benefits related to public health, sustainability, economy, or social life. Therefore, there is a growing need for knowledge about the walkability of the built environment. This project aims to support urban design knowledge and practice and to contribute to the broader field of “walkability” by refining the methods and measures used to analyze the relation between walking behavior and physical environment. Its goal is to integrate knowledge from the medical field of walkability with urban design research and provide new empirical knowledge about the concrete level in which urban design and architectural practice operates. The emprical study from this project investigates the complexity of walking and how it is related to the the built environment.through anthropologically based field studies in three areas in Stockholm. The findings from this project try to provide insights into how we can better understand the interaction between the built environment and walking behavior in influencing each other.


Recent Publications

  • Walkability as an Urban Design Problem: Understanding the activity of walking in the urban environment. Licentiate Thesis. KTH. 2012.

  • Urban Diversity and Pedestrian Behavior - Refining the concept of land-use mix for walkability. In Proceedings of the 8th International Space Syntax Symposium, Eds. Margarita Greene, José Reyes and Andrea Castro, 8073:1-8073:15. Santiago de Chile: PUC. 2012.

  • On the Potentials and Problems of Pedestrianization: The Use of Car-­free Streets. Paper presented at the XII International Walk21 Conference. Vancouver, Canada. October 3-5, 2011.

  • Understanding Walkability: From 3 Neighborhoods in Stockholm, Sweden. Paper presented at the 18th International Seminar on Urban Form ISUF. Montréal, Canada. 26 – 29 August, 2011.



Profile picture of Eunyoung Choi