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Giampiero Salvi

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About me

Director of the Master Programme in Machine Learning

Research Interests:

  • Pattern recognition and discovery
  • Bayesian methods
  • Automatic Speech Recognition
  • Computational Models of Language Acquisition

Current Projects (NTNU):

  • SCRIBE: machine transcription of Norwegian conversational speech
  • Teflon: Technology-enhanced foreign and second-language learning of Nordic languages
  • NordTrans: Technology for automatic speech transcription in selected Nordic languages
  • Center for Geophysical Forecasting

Past Projects:

  • IGLU: Interactive Grounded Language Understanding (EU CHIST-ERA 2016-2018)
  • BioASU: Biologically Inspired Automatic Speech Understanding (VR 2009-2013)
  • Poeticon++: Robots need language (STREP Project ICT-288382)
  • Contact: Learning and development of Contextual Action (NEST Project 5010)
  • Hearing at Home: exploitation of the SynFace technology (EU FP6-IST STREP)
  • SynFace: lip reading support for hearing impaired (EU IST-2001-33327)

Organized conferences:

  • GLU 2017: International workshop on Grounding Language Understanding
  • Interspeech 2017: area chair
  • AVSP 2011: International Conference on Auditory-Visual Speech Processing

Doctoral Students:

  • Niklas Vanhainen
  • Giovanni Saponaro (co-supervisor, Vislab, Institute for Systems and Robotics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal, defended in 2019)
  • Alessandro Pieropan (co-supervisor, CVAP, KTH, defended in 2015)
  • Daniel Neiberg (co-supervisor, defended in 2012)
  • Chris Koniaris (co-supervisor, defended in 2012)
  • Gopal Ananthakrishnan (co-supervisor, defended in 2011)

Short background:

  • MSc Electronic Engineering, Sapienza University, Rome, Italy, 1998
  • PhD Computer Science (Speech Communication), KTH, 2006
  • Post-doc Vislab, Institute for Systems and Robotics, Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal (2007-2009)

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