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Iosif Gidiotis

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DOCTORAL STUDENT, Doctoral student




About me

I am a doctoral researcher in education futures at the Department of Learning at the ITM school of KTH. Before coming to Sweden, I completed my Bachelor's degree on English language and literature in Greece, and then studied a Master's of Philosophy on Applied Linguistics in Ireland. I have presented my language learning research in conferences and have previsouly focused on the effects of the pandemic on the use of assessment for learning. I have also been involved with professional networks for language learning and teaching, as well as digitalisation in higher education. I am an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (AFHEA) in the UK in recognition of my professional practice for supporting teaching and learning in Higher Education, as well as a Member of the Association for Learning Technologies (ALT).

Throughout my academic education, I have been interested in educational design aspects, as well as assessment and curriculum implementation in connection with digital technologies.

My current research focuses on the intersection of technology and education and, more specifically, on how certain technologies might affect the future of teaching and learning. In my research, I am using social science fiction, also known as speculative or education fiction, to investigate the (im)possible education futures and how these can help better inform our current practice. The research is currently in its planning stages.

As a PhD student at KTH, I am also affiliated with LIKED, a graduate school for learning, interaction and knowledge in a digitalized world.

Profile picture of Iosif Gidiotis