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Elina Gobena

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Doctoral student




About me

Key areas

My research is focused broadly on the ability of organisations to reconfigure their competences during technology shifts. I have studied 'reskilling', and especially short  trainings aiming to 'make' talent in areas where organisations expreience skills shortages.

Courses and misellaneous teaching

2024 - ME2016 Project Management: Leadership and Control

Respnsible for a modul concering the socio cultural aspects of project management. I also created exam questions and lectured in this area.

2022 ME2502 Change Project in Industrial Management

Group coach, supervision and correcting exams etc.

2021 - 2023

Supervision of master's theses.

2020 - 2021 ME2312 Aspects of digitalization in society.

A course track for master students, focusing on digitalization/digital transformation and its impact on a number of areas such as fintech, energy, telecom, media and work. I participated in designing the course, as administrator and as teacher/supervisor.

Other work

2019 - 2023 Board member, Ratio

Profile picture of Elina Gobena