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Henrik Hellström

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I am currently a PhD student in the Divison of Network and Systems Engineering under the supervision of Carlo Fischione and Viktoria Fodor. My research interests are physical layer wireless, distributed machine learning, edge networks, and industrial communications.

I received a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering '16 and a master's degree in Information and Network Engineering '18 both from KTH - Royal Intitute of Technology. After the completion of my master's thesis, I spent a couple of months working as a temporary contractor for ABB Corporate Research, assisting in the development of a novel PHY-layer protocol for ultra-low latency industrial communications called WirelessHP.

My current research focus is Wireless for Machine Learning, i.e. wireless networks protocols that are tailored to support distributed machine learning. Particularly, I focus on over-the-air computation to combine the gradients of deep neural networks by utilizing the superposition property of electromagnetic waves.

Recent News

  • Oct 2021: I have been appointed secretary of the IEEE Emerging Technology Initiative of Machine Learning for Communications (ETI MLC)
  • Sep 2021: We gave a tutorial titled "Wireless for Machine Learning" at PIMRC Virtual Conference
  • Jul 2021: Our paper titled "Over-the-Air Federated Learning with Retransmissions" has been accepted for presentation at SPAWC Lucca, Italy
  • Jun 2021: We gave a tutorial titled "Wireless for Machine Learning" at ICASSP Toronto, Canada
  • Jun 2021: Assisted in teaching "EP1200 - Introduction to Computing Systems Engineering"
  • Nov 2020: Supervised Oscar Olli in his master thesis titled "Big Data in Small Tunnels: Turning Alarms Into Intelligence"
  • Sep 2020: We released a preprint of our survey paper titled "Wireless for Machine Learning"
  • Jun 2020: Assisted in teaching "EP1200 - Introduction to Computing Systems Engineering"
  • May 2020: Supervised Linus Pekkanen and Patrik Johansson for their bachelor thesis titled "Simulating Broadband Analog Aggregation for Federated Learning"
  • Dec 2019: Our paper titled "Software-defined wireless communication for industrial control: A realistic approach" got published in IEEE Electronics Magazine
  • Sep 2019: Participated in IEEE ComSoc's "Training School on Machine Learning for Communications" in ISEP Paris, France


Introduction to Computing Systems Engineering (EP1200), assistant | Course web

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