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Johannes Hjorth

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I studied Engineering Physics (Teknisk Fysik) at KTH, then went on to do a PhD in Computational Neuroscience here at KTH (2009). I then moved to Vrije Unversiteit Amsterdam to work as a post doc (2009-2011) and as a Research Associate at University of Cambridge (2011-2015). Since 2016 I am back at KTH again, this time working on the Human Brain Project. I am interested in neurodevelopment and use computer models to understand the mechanisms underlying how the brain self organises itself. Currently working on "Snudda" a pipe-line that integrates detailed neuronal models into a realistic network where the connectivity between the neurons is based on morphology and experimental data on connection probabilities, and the dynamic properties of the synapses are derived from experimental data.


Artificial Neural Networks and Deep Architectures (DD2437), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Johannes Hjorth