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Hossein Shahrokni

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Om mig

Professional Profile

Hossein Shahrokni is a dedicated Researcher with significant experience in sustainability, urban analytics, and transitions. Excelling in leading projects both nationally and internationally, Shahrokni innovatively addresses smart city challenges and climate change mitigation. His balanced approach to academic research and practical application is evident in his adept management of complex projects and fostering of innovation within sustainable urban development.

Professional Experience

Researcher, SEED, KTH,
January 2016 - Present
Engaged in sustainable urban development and smart city solutions.

Director of Research, LocalLife, 
September 2018 - Present
Leads research for sustainable community planning and development.

Sustainability Analyst, CTG Energetics, Inc. April 2007 - December 2011
Developed the CTG Sustainable Communities Model and contributed to over 10 climate action plans for various cities.


·       PhD Candidate, Industrial Ecology, KTH, January 2011 - December 2015

·       M.Sc. Energy Systems, Uppsala University, 2002 - 2007

·       U.S. Green Building Council Mark Ginsberg Sustainability Fellow, January 2016 - January 2017

Key Competencies and Experiences

·       Developed and implemented the Smart Urban Metabolism framework – a foundational contribution within industrial ecology.

·       Supervised Climate Action Plan and wrote Digital Master Plan for Stora Sköndal

·       Led the foundation for the National Urban Energy Data Lab.

·       Co-authored the foundation of the Viable Cities Strategic Program

·       Created and applied the Sustainable Communities Model for urban planning, reflecting his vision for sustainable development.

·       Spearheaded the 20 MSEK Smart City SRS project, advancing smart urban metabolism concepts.

·       Has made notable contributions to over 10 climate action plans, underscoring his commitment to environmental sustainability.

·       Coordinated a course on Smart Cities and Climate Change Mitigation Strategies, and has co-supervised 2 PhD students,

·       Possesses a solid background in project management, with a focus on the innovation process through hands-on experience with KTH spin-offs.

PhD Students

Aram Mäkivierikko - Graduated 2022 on ICT-enabled pro-environmental behaviors
Henrik Siepelmeyer – Planned defence end of 2024 – ICT-driven behavioral changes on waste


Smart Cities and Climate Mitigation Strategies MJ2686, 2011-Present


"Smart Cities" och klimatåtgärder- projektbaserad (MJ2685), lärare | Kurswebb

Profilbild av Hossein Shahrokni