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Annie Inman

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Lab Safety Coordinator



About me

Safety Specialist in biological and chemical risks

Annie has many years of experience working in lab safety. Her core expertise is evaluating and addressing biological and chemical risks.

Examples of the support Annie provides:

  • Develops and implements best practice routines for managing permissions related to biological and chemical risks. Coordinates notifications and permits required for work with biological and chemical risks.
  • Evaluates incidents reported in laboratories and helps determine what response measures should be taken.
  • Provides information to researchers of the legal regulations relevant to working with biological and chemical risks.
  • Provides risk assessment education and evaluates risk assessments.
  • Provides an introductory course for new employees working in labs discussing rules, regulations and safety around biological and chemical risks.
  • KLARA (chemical inventory) Administrator.

KTH Lab Safety Website:

Profile picture of Annie Inman