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Ian Torao Hoffecker

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I studied chemical engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder, graduating in 2009 and then going on to receive a Master's in biomedical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University in 2010. I defended my PhD thesis in polymer chemistry at Kyoto University in Japan in 2014. I was then a postdoc in the Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics department at Karolinska Insititutet Stockholm, and from May 2021 I am at KTH leading a research group as an independent PI in the Department of Gene Technology, School of Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health and located on the Scilifelab campus in Stockholm. 

My group specializes in molecular programming, a multidisciplinary field that leverages both the theory and practical engineering aspects of computer science in the realm of nanoscale biochemical systems. My group is working to develop an optics-free DNA sequencing-based microscopic imaging method based on next-gen sequencing technology and the mathematics of molecular networks.