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Jaume Anguera Peris

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About me

Hi there, curious minds! I'm Jaume. If you're up for a dance of intellects and a symphony of ideas, check out my latest research. And if you're feeling the spark of collaboration, reach out without a hint of hesitation. Let's create scholarly magic together!

Curious to learn a bit more about me? I am currently a PhD student in the Information Science and Engineering Division under the supervision of Prof. Joakim Jaldén and Prof. Mats Bengtsson. I am also affiliated with the Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software Program (WASP) under a research project between KTH and SciLifeLab. My research interests are drawn to engineering problems that require a combination of interdisciplinary science fields, including the modelling of stochastic networks, modelling nanopore DNA base-calling, or automating tasks based on super-resolution imaging.

I received my master's degree in Information and Network Engineering '19 from KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, and my bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Systems Engineering '16 from UPC - ETSETB TelecomBCN. During my undergraduate studies, I had the opportunity to be a visiting scholar in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University, and participate in several research projects, including,

  • Deep learning for differential privacy and density estimation (2019, pdf)
  • Deep learning-based decoding algorithms for identification systems (2018)
  • Distributed multi-target tracking in a Wireless Sensor Network using diffusion strategies and adaptive combiners (2016)
  • Image recognition for avoiding collisions in a swarm of nanosatellites (2016)

Upon completing my bachelor's thesis, I worked as a software developer and test automation engineer at Roche Diagnostics.

My current research focuses on (1) modelling multi-cellular systems supporting edge video analytics and (2) tracking cells on microscopy images leveraging the tools of convex optimization, stochastic geometry, and deep learning.

As part of my teaching activities during my PhD, I serve/served as a teaching assistant for the courses EP1200 Introduction to Computing Systems Engineering, EQ2300 Digital Signal Processing, and EQ2443 Project in Information Engineering. Besides, I supervise master thesis students on a variety of topics related to my research interests, including,

  • Ayush Bhat, Implementation and evaluation of audio repeater nodes using Bluetooth LE audio, October 2023
  • Asawari Joshi, Selecting a service mesh implementation for managing microservices, October 2022
  • Tatiana Barrios Montenegro, Congestion control with service mesh for Edge-Cloud traffic, October 2022
  • Beatrice Lovely, Solving e-scooter safety problems with multi-modal, privacy-preserving sensor technology and machine learning, June 2022
  • Zihan Wang, Performance evaluation of serverless edge computing for AI applications, June 2022
  • Jing Xia, Network simulation for the monitoring of water distribution infrastructure, December 2021
  • Nicola Fiorello, A cloud-based business process automation platform for customer interaction, August 2021


Digital Signal Processing (EQ2300), assistant | Course web

Introduction to Computing Systems Engineering (EP1200), assistant | Course web