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Josefin Illergård

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I'm working with the collaboration platform Treesearch, the national platform for the research on new materials from the forest (  In Treesearch, academia, industry, the Swedish government and private fundations are collaborating to create a world-leading research environment in form of platform to develop the skills and competence needed to create future innovations from the forest. KTH is one of the initiators to Treesearch andis the host university of Treesearch.

I am also working with the KTH strategic partnership with Stora Enso and as a communicator in the Impact project at the School of Engineering Sciences in Chemistry, Biotechnology and Health (CBH).

My research interest is fiber-based antibacterial material, and I defended my PhD thesis on the subject in 2012 with Prof.  Monica Ek as supervisor. Since then I have been active in several projects which are based on the results from my thesis, both student/PhD student projects and R&D projects. 


Engineering Chemistry (KE1140), assistant | Course web

Introductory Chemistry (KD1020), assistant | Course web