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Kristian Ericsson

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About me

I study the digital transformation in manufacturing or "operations".

To "digitally transform" something can entail much more than to just replace paper copies with PDF files, or sign a document online rather than by hand. We are right now experiencing the fourth industrial revolution, where software will not only replace human intelligence in doing (repetitive) tasks, but take them far above and beyond what humans were ever capable of. Researchers in the field of manufacturing / operations are convinced that digital technologies, such as

  • cyber-physical systems
  • Internet of Things
  • digital twins
  • cloud manufacturing
  • machine learning

among others,

will enable the factory of the future; a factory where new, smart products are produced faster, cheaper, safer, and - above all - more in accordance with Sustainable Development.

But how do you create the factory of the future? What steps are needed to transform your operations, from the current Industry 3.0, to an Industry 4.0 in line with UN:s seventeen Sustainable Development Goals?

That's what my research is about. 


I have gathered ten years' experience from managing production of goods and services in (above all) Germany and Austria - a link to my LinkedIn profile is on the right.

You can reach me at +46 8 790 94 87.


Degree Project in Industrial Technology and Sustainability, First Cycle (ML150X), teacher | Course web

Mechanical Engineering, Introduction Course (ML1110), teacher | Course web