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Music tuition and learning


These are some papers I have participated on about music tuition, especially from the EU project IMUTUS and its follower VEMUS. All are available for download below, either as Open Access or as institutional self-archiving PDF. Follow the DiVA or DOI link for a public record.

VEMUS papers
VEMUS: An integrated platform to support music tuition tasks, IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, 2008. DOI | PDF

Of the published papers on music tuition, this describes more in detail about the approach, which was novel compared to the IMUTUS project (and even to commercial systems which came after).
IMUTUS papers
Design and implementation of automatic evaluation of recorder performance in IMUTUS, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2005). DiVA | PDF

The only publication going into detail of the performance analysis and feedback.
IMUTUS – An effective practicing environment for music tuition, International Computer Music Conference (ICMC 2005). DiVA | PDF

Results from evaluations of recorder students.
IMUTUS: an interactive music tuition system, Sound and Music Computing Conference (SMC 04). DiVA | 

Paper to be uploaded.
IMUTUS: an interactive system for learning to play a musical instrument, International Conference of Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL), 2004. DiVA | PDF

The feedback system of IMUTUS and evaluation from the experiments presented here.