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Sound installations and NIME


These are papers about new interfaces for musical expression (NIME) and interactive sound installations. All are available for download below, either as Open Access or as institutional self-archiving PDF. Follow the DiVA or DOI link for a public record.

Interactive sound installations
Large-scale interaction with a sound installation as a design tool, Audio Mostly Conference on Augmented and Participatory Sound and Music Experiences, 2017. DOI | PDF

An interactive tool for designing car sounds shown at the large car fairs.
My Sound Space: An attentional shield for immersive redirection, Audio Mostly 2018. DOI | 

Musikcyklarna/Music bikes: An installation for enabling children to investigate the relationship between expressive music performance and body motion, Sound and Music Computing Sweden Conference 2014. DiVA | Open access

Installation at Tom Tit's museum.
Prototyping, mapping and design
Artistically directed prototyping in development and in practice, Journal of New Music Research, 2012:41(4). DOI | 

Paper to be uploaded.
NIME Design and Contemporary Music Practice: Benefits and Challenges, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, NIME 2014. DiVA | Open access

Position paper.
Exploring the design space: Prototyping "The Throat V3"for the elephant man opera, Sound and Music Computing Conference, SMC 2011. DOI | Open access

New interfaces
Creating digital musical instruments with and for children: Including vocal sketching as a method for engaging in codesign, Human Technology, 2020:16(3). DOI | Open access

The aim of the study was to explore how students and children would approach vocal sketching as one of several design methods for building new musical instruments.
The Skipproof virtual turntable for high-level control of scratching, Computer Music Journal, 2010:34(2). DOI | Open access

The Skipproof system, written in Pure data. It was used for instance on the Reactable.
More DJ techniques on the reactable, NIME 2008. DiVA | Open access

Skipproof scratching on the Reactable, allowing high-level control.
Combining DJ Scratching, Tangible Interfaces And A Physics-Based Model of Friction Sounds, ICMC 2007. DiVA | Open access

First paper combining scratching and the Reactable together with Smilen Dimitrov and Marcos Alonso.