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Katharina Maria Radermacher

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About me


KTH Institutionen för matematik, Lindstedtsvägen 25, 10044 Stockholm
Office 3748


Phone:  +46-(0)8-790-6488

Research interests

  • Mathematical General Relativity
  • Differential geometry
  • Dynamical systems theory

Current research

I am interested in cosmological spacetimes which solve Einstein's equations for vacuum or matter models such as perfect fluids and non-linear scalar fields. The past years I have been working on cosmological Bianchi models. These are spatially homogeneous spacetimes in which the spacelike slices are Lie groups. I am mainly interested in the asymptotic behaviour towards the initial singularity and the strong cosmic censorship conjecture.

Currently, my work is centered arount the late time behaviour of T2 symmetric spacetimes, where I am interested in the no hair conjecture.


  • Radermacher, Strong Cosmic Censorship in orthogonal Bianchi class B perfect fluids and vacuum models, arXiv:1612.06278v3
  • Radermacher, Orthogonal Bianchi B stiff fluids close to the initial singularity, arXiv:1712.02699v2
  • Radermacher, On the Cosmic No-Hair Conjecture in T2-symmetric non-linear scalar field spacetimesarXiv:1712.01801


This year, I teach the following courses:

Previous years

In 2015/16, I coordinated a project in cooperation with Vetenskapens hus Stockholm. Swedish high school students worked on research questions in various topics and composed a written report at the end of the year. In my role as advisor, I introduced the students to this year's mathematics topic "Euclidean, spherical and hyperbolic geometry", I guided them towards their individual study question and advised them over the course of the year.

As part of the project's Science Camp week, the students worked in groups on a number of exercises, which can be downloaded here (in Swedish):

For more information, see the official web page by Vetenskapens hus:


In previous years, I have also taught several courses at KTH in the following topics:

Profile picture of Katharina Maria Radermacher