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Johan Leckner

Profilbild av Johan Leckner

Professor, Adjungerad



Om mig

I’m Adjunct Professor in Lubricant Design with a keen interest in understanding the correlation between performance of mechanical components in connection to the lubricants used. Most of my time is spent as Technical Manager for one of the largest, and for sure the most anonymous, lubricating grease producer: Axel Christiernsson with head offices just north of Gothenburg. I’m a regular visitor to KTH since many years but given the distance I also work a lot remotely.

My background is in chemical engineering (CTH, 1996), and I also have a PhD in the crossroads between biochemistry and biophysics from CTH, but that is all history. Today it is all about the interplay between lubricants and machine elements. If anyone is interested in discussing grease lubrication, I will be happy to participate!