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Naomi Cherie Lipke

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About me

My research focuses on alternative economic experiments and how they can contribute to a just transition. I have done in-depth fieldwork on a foodsharing organization in western Sweden and described the organization from an economic perspective -- describing the political ideals that they are expressing, the ways in which they create value, how they determine who can take what, and how they address conflicts that arise. I am interested in the practices used to operate and manage alternative economies with an interest in how they might contribute to societies that use fewer resources in the future.

I have previously done research on participatory innovation to understand its relationship to participatory planning theory. I have contributed to course teaching at the masters level on political economy and environmental issues, theory and method, urban planning and design, and urban infrastructure.


Political Economy for Environmental Planners (AG2142), course responsible, teacher | Course web

Theory of Science and Research Methodology for Planning and Design (AG2126), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Naomi Cherie Lipke