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Anna Lena Stina Andersson

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About me

Lena Stina Andersson is an architect SAR/MSA and a PhD-Candidate in History and Theory of Architecture at the School of Architecture, KTH. Lena Stina worked for several years as a practicing architect and lecturer before commencing her doctoral studies, and she received a Diploma in Architecture in 2006 from the Bartlett, Faculty of Architecture, UCL in London. She was awarded distinction for her Master in Architecture in 2008 at the same faculty.

Lena Stina’s research project addresses large-scale reconstruction processes, taking place at national museums throughout Europe. The research project deals with the history of architectural transformation within four case studies, and the continuously expanding activities and territories of these institutions. The research project discusses these processes from the perspective of construction materials and their histories, material destruction and preservation, as well as through questions of labour and production necessary for enabling change.

Profile picture of Anna Lena Stina Andersson