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Luis Antonio Choque Campero

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About me

I am a Ph.D. student in the School of Industrial Engineering and Management, Department of Energy Technology. My project focuses on Bolivia's energy and clean water access, especially in remote rural areas. My study provides valuable insights into the thermodynamic performance of a biomass-fueled cogeneration system and highlights its potential for rural clean water and electrification, contributing to achieving Sustainable Development Goals 6 and 7 of the United Nations. The use of an externally fired turbine and a Stirling engine in a combined cycle provides fuel flexibility and robustness to the system. The Swedish International Development Agency supports this study as a counterpart and the Universidad Mayor de San Simon of Bolivia as a research partner.

My background as an electromechanical and environmental engineer from Bolivia, who has witnessed the drawbacks of lacking electricity, motivates my Ph.D. in developing new technologies, which comes from my work experience in rural areas. I gained experience in designing and implementing renewable energy projects, such as irrigation and agricultural frost, to mitigate the effects of climate change. The difference that a reliable source of electricity can create in the lives of people living in remote areas is immense. I am passionate about finding sustainable solutions for the energy and water access challenges faced by such communities.

Profile picture of Luis Antonio Choque Campero