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Mattias Åstrand

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I am an Italian and Swedish physicist with a master's degree in nanoscience.

With my doctoral studies at KTH I have shifted my focus to X-ray optics. 

As an experienced cleanroom user, I put my skills to use in the design and nanofabrication of Fresnel zone plates (diffractive optics). Together with my group, we implement these in novel setups for multi-beam difraction imaging, collaborating with the NanoMAX beamline staff (MAX IV) and the P06 group (PETRA III, DESY).

I have been the chairman of the SCI PhD student council throughout 2022 and have been re-elected for 2023. My goal is to have as wide of an impact as possible in improving both work and social conditions for fellow students.


X-ray physics and applications (SK2551), assistant | Course web

Profile picture of Mattias Åstrand