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Marcus Adolphson

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About me

RESEARCH ACTIVITIES (selected ongoing)
Urban morphology, lifestyles and travel behaviour
Urban structure and social theory. Book project.

PUBLICATIONS (selected recent)
Uncover the theory practice gap in Swedish transport planning: an interdisciplinary approach. European Planning Studies. (2020)
Impact on urban form by the localization of railway stations: Evidence from Sweden. Cities. (2019)
Tellus Towers, en meningsfull byggnad i den hållbara staden? I Hus mot himlen: Hållbar hybris?. Bokförlaget Arena. (2018)
Vad talar vi om när vi talar om urbanism? I Urbanismer. Nordic Academic Press
The role of official heritage in regional spaces. Urban Research & Practice
Främling i konsumtionsstaden. I Det förflutna i framtidens stad. Nordic Academic Press


Urban morphology
The first theme is quite practical: urban morphology - the use and transformation of the urban structure. This theme is linked to social, economic and ecological sustainability.

Urban ontology
The second theme 'Urban ontology'​ is of a more theoretical kind. The understanding of the  relationship between the individuals, the social context and the environment is theory dependent. By studying the urban structure's position from philosophical, socioligical, and political perspectives the concept 'urban'​ has been theoretically analysed. This analysis has contributed to a further understanding of various perspectives how to perceive the  'urban'​ and the built up environment in a societal context.

TEATCHING ( selected)
Lecture: Quantitative social science: Theories and methods, In 'Theory of Science and Research Methodology for Planning and Research' (AG2126)
Seminar leader: Litterature seminar inTheory of Science and Research Methodology for Planning and Research' (AG2126)
Lecture:  System Planning in a perspective of Social Theory, In 'Planeringens aktörer och processer' (AG1138)


Actors and processes in planning (AG1138), teacher | Course web

Applied Urban and Regional Analysis (AG2130), teacher | Course web

City Networks in Regional Contexts (AG2116), teacher | Course web

Profile picture of Marcus Adolphson


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