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Marika Strömberg

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Year, Credits, Education

2020, 7,5 + 3,0    KTH - Royal Institute of Technology - Teaching and learning in higher education + Leading educational development

2019, 30,0           Stockholm University - Art and Aesthetics - 3:rd level / BA

2017, -                University of Cambridge - Academic English course

2016, -                Swedish architects - Professional development 3 - Businessdevelopement for Architects

2015, -                Swedish architects - Professional development 2 – Leadership

2013, -                Swedish architects - Professional development 1 - The Business role

2012, 60,0           KKH -Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm - The Art of Restoration (one-year advanced-level program)

2009, 7,5             KTH - Royal Institute of Technology - Architecture and quality-demands

1994, 300            KAKD - Royal Danish Academy of fine arts - Architecture/Spatial design / MFA

1981, 20,0           Stockholm University - Art and Aesthetics - 2:nd level

1981, 20,0           Stockholm University - Art and Aesthetics - 1:st level

Total 448 Credits

Experienced Architect and Project manager with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture & planning field.KADK – Royal Danish Academy, MFA– Architecture, Design, Conservation Master of Fine Artsin Interiorarchitecture . Skilled in Project management, Space Planning, Architectural Design, Architecture, and Sustainable Planning.Stockholm University, BA(Thesis published: ). Strong business development professional with a Architectural restoration/conservation skills at

KKH -Royal Institute of Art, PgD – postgraduate in The Art of Restoration .
Extensive experience in interior design projects implementing and overseeing change. Has a proven track record of exceeding preformance expectations, remaining customer/client focus and adhering to budget and timescales. Ability to bring about the fundamental changes needed in response to changing organizational, commercial, legislative and financial factors.
Strong strategic vision, along with the ability to successfully deliver complex multi-track projects. Governmental experience of creating strategic documents for use in planning and maintaining representative, conceptual interior spaces.

Developed expertise in qualityfactorsKTH - Royal Institute of - Architecture, Quality and Assessment, Architecture and interior architecture, their sustainebility and longterm survival by working with Government and University buildings. Developed expertise in pedagogic development,KTH – Royal Institute of Techonology, courses in pedagogic development.

Extensive experience in leading the team of consultant architects and other technical consultants to succsessfully achieve the goals of a rebuilding and developing project. Skills in executing strategic formulated procurements in collaboration with the administrative departments. Tutorial experience in controlling and leading administrative personell with regard to tenant activeties.

Extensive experience in developing design of Public spaces with high demands on international and representational facilities, Office projects as activity based workplace (ABW) and University/ educational spaces such as lecture halls, active learning classrooms (ALC), library, makerspaces and open study areas.

Work: among others at The Swedish Governement, Tengbom Architects, Ikea Intenational


·Space as a pedagogic resource/ Rummet som pedagogisk resurs (2021)

·Interior architecture in the circular economy – Quality- and Sustainability aspects on interior design in public spaces. / Inredningsarkitektur i den cirkulära ekonomin -  Kvalitets- och hållbarhetsaspekter på inredning i offentlig miljö (2021)

Thesis published 2021:

Profile picture of Marika Strömberg